3 for 2 on All Manga

All Forbidden Planet International and worlds Apart Stores have an ongoing 3 for 2 deal across ALL Manga titles, from ALL Manga Publishers!

Buy any 2 Manga in your local Forbidden Planet Store and receive a 3rd book of equal value or cheaper ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Choose from books like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, Pokémon, One Piece and much much more!

For any queries, please contact your local store.

30 Responses to 3 for 2 on All Manga

  1. Deborah says:

    Hi, I’m looking for Tokyo ghoul 9-11 – do you have them in stock?

  2. Tiant says:

    Hi, is this deal still ongoing?

  3. Steven says:

    Will this offer still be on 14th October till 18th October ??

  4. Do you stock The Saga of Darren Shan, manga series?

    • Crowbar (FPI) says:

      Hi Deirdre! Please get in touch with one of our stores for further information on stock.

      • Christina Sanchez de beggs says:

        Hi, My kids love reading/collecting Manga, and because of the 3 for 2 offer Forbidden Planet has become our store of choice for buying it for them. However, our closest store is miles away in central London, and often doesn’t have everything we want in stock when we do make the journey in to visit the store. Given the current situation, would you not consider making the 3 for 2 offer available online? Thanks!

        • Crowbar (FPI) says:

          Hi Christina, you’ve got the wrong Forbidden Planet there (confusing I know). We are Forbidden Planet International based in the Midlands and Ireland. You can see a list of our stores here and they all provide a mail order service via private message on social media. Thanks.

    • Rich says:

      Hi bought three my hero acedamia books today and got charged for three, all the same price. Is the offer over on 3for2?

  5. Rehaan says:

    Hi can it be a different manga other than these as I really want to get your name manga insted

  6. pearse troy says:

    hi do you have fruits baskets or barakamom

  7. matthew says:

    Does this deal apply to the website or is it only in store?

  8. Shah says:

    Is this offer still available? And will it always be?

  9. Jonathan says:

    Is this still ongoing?

  10. Rafael Sousa says:

    is this online on local stores? is this still ongoing? can i do it on your website?

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