Avengers Age of Ultron Mini Egg Attack Action Figure Hall of Armour Iron Man Mark XLIII & War Machine 8 cm

Entertainment brand Beast Kingdom presents a new 3-inch product in the wake of the popular MEA-015 MK1-7 Iron Man 3 series. In order to give fans other types of steel armor so that they can expand their own Hall of Armor, we are adding more suits from both “Iron Man 3” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movies!

Their elegance knows no bounds! Both the Iron Man figures and the Hall of Armor have light-emitting capabilities. The color and details in the painting faithfully recreate the 3-inch figures as they appear in the films. Order now and build your own Iron Man Hall of Armor!

Require 3 x LR41 batteries, included.


Due February 2021

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