Coming Soon to Forbidden Planet! Bandai Ichiban Kuji!

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Ichiban Kuji, meaning ‘Number One Lottery’ is a Japanese product lottery operated by Bandai Spirits primarily in the Asian market which is now making its way to UK shores this April. These ‘Kuji’s’ combine some of the most popular Anime licenses in the world with an extensive product mix that largely focuses on statues alongside a huge variety of prizes including tumblers, charms, glasses, acrylic stands and much more. All items that are available through the Ichiban Kuji are exclusive meaning they cannot be purchased at retail outside of the lottery. Through-out the year, you can expect to see Ichiban Kuji releases for the likes of anime series Dragon Ball, One Piece, Demon Slayer & many more besides with new titles added to the mix every year. Each license can expect to see multiple Kuji sets released throughout the year with each set focusing on a different group of characters or arcs within the anime story. An example of this includes the Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba series of Kuji which features a host of characters from across the series.

Each Kuji or set typically holds between 60-80 tickets with each ticket matching to a corresponding prize meaning that each participant is guaranteed to win an item from the set without delay. Some stores may even be running multiple Kuji’s at once so be sure to check them all out. The Bandai Ichiban Kuji grades its prizes alphabetically starting from A as the top prize through to usually G, but this can include further letters depending on the set. Each ticket has a peel-away section that reveals its letter which is then matched-up to the corresponding prize. As mentioned already, the prize pool for each Kuji can be very diverse with the main attraction being anime statue prizes from the Banpresto series. Each letter prize may have multiple chances with the ‘A’ prize having fewer chances than the lowest letter prize. Below is an example of a typical Kuji with how many actual chances there are for each letter:

  • A: 2 Chances
  • B: 2 Chances
  • C: 2 Chances
  • D: 1 Chance
  • E: 1 Chance
  • F: 6 Chances
  • G: 10 Chances
  • H: 28 Chances
  • I: 28 Chances
  • Last One Prize: 1

Some prizes such as plates, mugs, cups, or rubber charms come packaged in a blind box It’s simple to take part in a Bandai Ichiban Kuji release, you simply need to follow the below steps:

  • Choose which Kuji you wish to take part in
  • Purchase the volume of tickets that you desire (each sold separately)
  • Pick out your purchased tickets from the box.
  • Peel back your tickets to reveal its letter.
  • Match this letter up to a prize to claim the latest addition to your collection.

Before you take part, you can check out in-store posters which will clearly show which prizes remain from the set meaning you’ll always know what goods are available to you. The store will update this poster as more & more prizes are claimed so you’re always in the know. The Bandai Ichiban Kuji also has a special reward up its sleeve for any participant who claims the final ticket – The Last One Prize. As mentioned, each ticket in a set matches up to a prize but the set also has one additional special prize which can only be claimed by the individual who redeems the final ticket. The Last One Prize is often a special version of the set’s ‘A’ prize and may be either a different pose or paint finish with its packaging carrying the ‘Last One Prize’ marking. Coming away with this prize will make you the envy of collectors everywhere! Its not unheard of for some dedicated collectors to purchase all remaining tickets to secure the Last One Prize!

This individual not only wins their corresponding prize but can also take home the Last One Prize which is highly sought after by collectors due to the fact it can only be won right at the end of a Kuji. However, if you miss out on any of the prizes that you are looking for, including the Last One Prize then fear not as we may have multiple sets for the same Kuji so check back for another chance to take home that prize you’re seeking. Now you’re up-to-speed on what Bandai Ichiban Kuji is all about!

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Due: April 1st 2023
Contact your nearest store for details

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    Hello, is Ichiban kuji available in any of your Uk stores?

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