Disney Lorcana: Shimmering Skies

Time for Fun and Revelry
The celebration has just begun, and you’re invited! You’ll gather with Illumineers and glimmers near the Great Illuminary for games, food, music, dancing, and more. The guest list includes new faces like Wreck-It Ralph and his pixelated pals from Litwak’s Arcade as well as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf fresh from their most recent adventure into the Enchanted Forest. It’s an event the realm will always remember!

Booster Packs and Boxes
Bring even more glimmers in on the fun by opening a booster pack filled with 12 randomized cards. Or open a box containing 24 packs.

Starter Decks
Two ready-to-play starter decks to get the party started! Play alongside mystical Amethyst and daring Ruby glimmers in one deck or nimble Emerald and stalwart Steel glimmers in the other. It’s a celebration-why not try both?

Illumineer’s Trove
Within this box, you’ll find even more to celebrate! Booster packs, a lore counter, card dividers-it’s all there. And don’t forget the appropriately shimmering damage-counter dice.

Keep your cards organized and ready for any quest that comes your way. Featuring either beloved glimmers or the card back design, these portfolios keep your collection protected and easy to flip through.

Card Sleeves and Boxes
Protect your cards with the help of a princess and a prince (in training). Tiana – Celebrating Princess and Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw grace both the card sleeves and the deck boxes.

Available in store only from August 9th 2024
Mail order sales from August 23rd 2024

Contact your preferred store for more info.
Mail Order/ Home Delivery Options Available Upon Request

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