Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Great Ichibankuji

Its time for the battle to commence! Forbidden Planet International and Worlds Apart are excited to announce the latest Ichibankuji hitting our stores: Dragon Ball VS Omnibus great. This Ichibankuji is full of fantastic prizes, from a variety of figures to collectible art of iconic characters. Discover this Kuji in-store Nov 8th 2023.

Check out the top prizes A-F for our new Ichibankuji, Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Great. This Kuji offers 7 different figures (including the ‘Last One’ prize), including popular characters like Son Gohan, Piccolo, and Goku.

Introducing the G & H prizes. These Acrylic stands are perfect for fans and collectors, offering artwork and scenes from the popular Dragon Ball. The G prize stands feature art from the Majin Buu Arc and Dragonball Super Super Hero.

Decorate your home with these Dragon Ball art boards with Prize I. These collectable art boards will enhance any Dragon Ball fan’s home!

Dry your hands in style with these Dragon Ball hand towels. These towels are Prize J in our latest and greatest Ichibankuji, Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Great.

Have you ever heard of the ‘Last One’ prize? The ‘Last One’ is the prize that can only be won by purchasing the last ticket in the box. This final prize can be anything from a special varient of the A prize, to a brand new item. Our lastest Dragon Ball Kuji has this Amazing statue of Cell as its final prize. Do you plan to try your luck?

Available From November 8th 2023

Age restriction to play – 16+, ID required.

Contact your preferred store for more details!
(Not available in Dublin or Belfast)

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