Forbidden Planet International Podcast Episode #131

In this episode, we highlight some of the ‘don’t miss’ comics and graphics out this Wednesday the 11th of March. Featuring Batman’s Grave 6, Catwoman 21, Flash 751, Green Lantern 2, Hawkman 22, Superman 21, Young Justice 14, Detective Comics 38, both Dollar Comics, Amazing Spider-Man 41, Cable 1, Immortal Hulk 32, Thor 4, Star Wars Bounty Hunters 1, Marvel Snapshots Sub Mariner, Decorum 1 and Stealth 1.

The graphic novels this week are Batman City of Crime, Batman Tales of the Demon, Just Imagine Stan Lee, Wonder Woman Cheetah, Mister Miracle by Englehart and Gerber, Wanted: The World’s Most Dangerous Super Villains, Annihilation Scourge, Black Widow Marvel Team Up, both Fantastic Four trades, History of the Marvel Universe Treasury Edition and Wolverine Epic Collection Inner Fury.

We also have a chat about the Local Press Night in Glasgow this Wednesday coming and then we talk to resident ‘Valiant expert’, Andrew about Bloodshot and Valiant leading up to the Bloodshot movie out this week.

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