FPI Cardiff 17/03/20 – Stock Arriving / Ready To Ship!

All the items below are in our Cardiff store and can be shipped to your door via our mail order service!
(whilst stock lasts)

In the slightly less heroic mode, Deadpool’s also getting in on the action. We love the little details on this: check out those custom brass knuckles.

Fans of the star-spangled man with a plan will love this new Captain America bust. Who doesn’t love a heroic pose?

When the outside world is going a bit wrong, why not escape to another one? Here’s a selection of graphic novels that will take you to the stars, to other planets, or a giant twenty-sided die.

It was just Friday the 13th and that means we should all keep away from lakes, abandoned summer camps of any kind, and space. But Jason’s never killed anyone in a comic book shop before so it’s perfectly safe to come down and check out our horror merch!

Black Panther’s the latest addition to Gentle Giant’s Marvel Animated Series statues and he’s now in stock. He’s bravely taking on this ball of wool for Wakanda. Is it made of vibranium? Will T’Challa come out on top? Either way, he’ll look adorable on your shelf.

Blast off to a world of better lighting with this Rocket Lamp. Not only does it look cool, it also changes colour.

It’s been forty years since Maus hit the shelves and now it’s been reissued in this anniversary edition. Winner of the Eisner and Harvey Awards and the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize, this is definitely one to read.

If you’ve seen Pixar’s Onward, you can take a little of the magic home with these Pop! Vinyls. Choose from the Lightfoot brothers; their father Wilden; or the Manticore.

After you’ve seen the trailer, why not treat yourself to some new Marvel Legends? The first wave of Black Widow Legends are in stock, featuring The Winter Soldier; Red Guardian; Yelena; Crossbones; and Spymaster. Collect every figure and you can build Crimson Dynamo – Russia’s answer to Iron Man.

Contact your local store for availability.

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