FPI Edinburgh 17/03/20 – Stock Arriving / Ready To Ship!

All the items below are in our Edinburgh store and can be shipped to your door via our mail order service!
(whilst stock lasts)

He’s here!
The limited edition spring convention exclusive Doctor Doom has arrived in our shop.

“When will my reflection show who I am inside?”

New Mulan Loungefly bag is available! The perfect accessory for any Disney fan and just in time for the new movie.

Another set of McFarlane toys we have in store are the new DC multiverse series. We have Batman, Superman, classic Harley Quinn, and the Batman Who Laughs.

“Wake up Samurai. We have a city to burn”

The new Cyberpunk 2077 McFarlane action figures are in store and they are awesome! V and Johnny Silverhand are available, grab them before they’re gone!

We got a couple of special graphics in store now including the phenomenal House/Powers of X softcover in store now so if you want to own this amazing chunky 12 issue run now is your chance, we also got the Marvel Treasury Edition of the superb graphic the History of the Marvel Universe so don’t miss out 👌 and finally we have the amazing hard hitting MAUS graphic in its original two volume format!

Come on grab your friends and battle evil in the land of Ooo with Jake the dog and Finn the Human and even lumpy space princess with these amazing Adventure Time figures from the hit tv show, each comes with there own accessories including the adorable B-Mo 👌 come on in and check them out!

Two brothers on a magical quest that will melt your heart, Disney Pixar’s Onward is out now featuring the voice talents of both Spider-Man and Star-lord what more could you want?

We are getting hyped for the Black widow movie and we just got these legends figures in the shop today! 🕷

Contact your local store for availability.

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