FPI Podcast Counting to 13 – Favourite Doctor Who Stories

The 13th Doctor is coming! The TARDIS trio reunite to review their favourite stories from all the previous Doctors. First up is the William Hartnell era.

In our second episode, the TARDIS trio look back at their favourite episodes from the Patrick Troughton era of Dr Who.

We reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and look back at some of the stand out stories from the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who.

Our TARDIS trio discuss their favourite stories from the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who.

The TARDIS trio pick their favourite stories of the Peter Davison era.

The TARDIS trio discuss the controversial Colin Baker era of Dr Who.

This episode, we review the stories of the mysterious Seventh Doctor’s era. Is he more than just a Time Lord?

Considering he only had one full episode, our TARDIS trio find a LOT to talk about Paul McGann’s time as the Eighth Doctor. John Hurt’s retroactive War Doctor is also discussed.

Our journey into New Who starts with the Ninth Doctor era…. FANTASTIC!

Allons-y! Some controversial choices in our review of the Tenth Doctor’s era.

Geronimo! Our TARDIS trio pick out their favourites from the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who.

The TARDIS trio conclude their count up to the 13th Doctor’s debut by taking a look at their favourite stories from the Peter Capaldi era of Dr Who.

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