Funko ECCC 2019 Forbidden Planet International Exclusive Pop!s

Masters of the Universe BUZZ OFF and DC’s Black Canary will be Exclusive to Forbidden Planet International, and our sister stores Worlds Apart Liverpool & Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham!

Buzz-Off comes complete with his humanoid-bee design, complete with giant blue eyes, wings, and is even armed with his axe stake, which we can’t promise won’t fire yellow energy beams. If you’re a fan of Masters of the Universe (who isn’t?), then you know this is definitely one of the coolest Funko releases of the entire Spring Convention.

With her form-fitting, black leather corset and fishnets, a nod to her earlier depictions, Gotham’s favourite songbird has been impeccably recreated from the pages of DC Comics. Don’t let her sultry pose fool you, she’s ready to take on any trouble your Funko collection has to offer. Make Green Arrow’s day by adding her to your collection!

Contact your local store for availability.

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