Funko: Exclusive Fantastic Four The Thing (Disguised) Pop!

The First Exclusive Pop! Vinyl of 2020 to hit Forbidden Planet International & Worlds Apart Stores is Marvel’s The Thing (Disguised)

Round out the collection with Pop! Mister Fantastic, Pop! Invisible Woman, Pop! Human Torch, Pop! Thing, Pop! Mole Man, Pop! Doctor Doom, Pop! Silver Surfer, Pop! H.E.R.B.I.E., Pop! Super-Skrull and Pop! Galactus.

This incredible Fantastic Four Pop! Vinyl features Ben Grimm, better known as The Thing, disguised in his trenchcoat and hat, and it’s currently shipping to Forbidden Planet & Worlds Apart Stores as we speak.

Be sure to drop your local store a Private Message or email to be notified upon release.

Home Delivery Options Available!

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