Funko: Last Defense! Game

This exciting, easy-to-learn cooperative game plays in 20 minutes every time!
Team up to save the city from monstrous threats—from space aliens and spider robots to an oozing building-sized blob! As you race around the city rescuing scientists and collecting tools, the app audio track provides urgent news bulletins announcing where the latest threats are attacking.
You are the city’s last defense!

Gameplay Features:
Fast-paced game perfect for players who can think on their feet • Free downloadable app enhances the experience and drives the action • Diverse and sculpted figures give each character their own unique attitude • Animation-style artwork and illustrated threat movers add to the animated feel of the game • A quick, frantic, fun game experience for the entire family!
Highlights: •
Cooperative board game • Suggested for ages 8 years and up • Number of Players: 2-6 Players • Playing Time: 20 minutes
Game Contents:
Game Board • 6 Character Figures • 6 Character Cards • 32 Tools Cards • 13 Rubble Tokens • 13 Scientist Tokens • 5 Threat Movers • 5 Threat Tiles • 2 Dice • Instructions

Due February 2021
Home delivery and click and collect services now available!
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