Funko: Pop FPI Exclusives Republic Commando Boss & Aang Spirit

We’re pleased to announce the latest lineup of Forbidden Planet International/ Worlds Apart Exclusive Pop! Vinyls coming soon from @Funko_Europe 😍

This time, we’re bringing you 2 more fantastic Exclusive Pop! Vinyls including the new Star Wars Republic Commando Boss & Aang from Nickelodeon’s brilliant #AvatarTheLastAirbender Series

Add these amazing Pops to your collection today!


To Pre-Order, simply drop us a Private Message or Email your local store along with your name and contact details!

4 thoughts on “Funko: Pop FPI Exclusives Republic Commando Boss & Aang Spirit”

  1. I to pre order aang spirit pop.

    I would like the delivery service please.

    I am.based in London.

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