Funko: Pop! Rocks — Duran Duran!

Celebrate British rock icons Duran Duran with Pop! Andy Taylor, Pop! John Taylor, Pop! Nick Rhodes, Pop! Roger Taylor and Pop! Simon Le Bon.

Contact your local store for availability.

4 Responses to Funko: Pop! Rocks — Duran Duran!

  1. julie Crowther says:

    When are these available in Leeds store or online to order in England I’ve been checking all the time was hoping to buy for Chritmas?

    • Crowbar (FPI) says:

      Hi Julie, these are down for December according to Funko Europe. The best thing to do is ask the Leeds store to notify you when they are in stock. Unfortunately there’s no solid date as with all Funko items so no guarantee they will be available before Xmas. Hope this helps.

  2. Kate says:

    Any idea when these will be in stock?

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