4 thoughts on “Funko: POP Rocks: Pet Shop Boys”

  1. As a PSB fan I find these disappointing and an opportunity missed – here’s why:
    The figure designs are based on their original 1985-1986 look from West End Girls and Love Comes Quickly, but the box design is from their albums Introspective and Super (1988 and 2016 respectively) which is muddled and inconsistent.
    The Chris Lowe cap says PSB. Chris Lowe doesn’t wear a cap with PSB on it. The iconic cap was BOY – presumably Funko couldn’t get the rights to the brand.
    The Neil figure, whilst accurate, was hardly iconic for the time – this was a style many people had in the mid-80’s, and if the box didn’t explicitly say, I can imagine many people wondering who this Funko character is.
    PSB have had many recognizable styles over the years – the Issey Miyake sunglasses and puffy jackets for Chris, the designer suits for Neil, the suits and bowties from Actually, the pointy hats and orange jumpsuits, the Go West helmets and jumpsuits, the punk hair and eyebrows with Samurai clothes from Nightlife. There’s so much to be mined here, so hopefully Funko make more “era-centric” PSB figures that really speak to their creative image in the future.

    These ones are bland to say the least.

    1. Hi Gabby! I understand what you’re saying here and who knows, if these ones do well there may be others using The Pet Shop Buys wealth of fashion history! Fingers crossed.

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