Garth Ennis & John Higgins Signing Belfast Recap

Upstairs they filed, new faces and old chums of the store and guests. Some of them were just children when Garth last signed in Belfast ( Twenty two years ago at the old Talisman store in the company of legendary artist Steve Dillon) and he was keen to see so many new faces. Nobody is keener on stories than Garth and he was helping create a few new ones this afternoon. He and John have signed in stores and at events all over the globe but they freely admit to being especially well treated by their many friends in Belfast. Some of whom were there for the last issue of Preacher and were continuing to enjoy his insanely inspired work on The Boys as well as the hugely accomplished new Battle And Action collection.

John Higgins marvelled at the various editions of Watchman passed reverently across the table. From Coffee table sized editions, beautiful slip cased editions and some well thumbed and obviously well read and loved editions. Mint condition was not a deal breaker or consideration when copies are passed from parents to their sons and daughters. The continuing life of the greatest of comic tales, jumping generations.

Talk about a book of days. Its a history of 2000AD. One of the most remarkable collections of signatures we have seen was brought in for two more. This was an enviable collection, each one an icon, each one a significant contributor to the history of one of the greatest comic anthologies of all time. Its value literally beyond computation. If anything happened to it, it could only be replaced using a fully functioning TARDIS. And let us tell you, they are hard to come by.

If only you could bottle a moment. So many smiles and funny tales. We will have to settle for a few photographs. Heres a few more.

A massive thank you to Garth and John and to all who turned out to meet them (despite the bad weather). We hope to hold many more signings in the future with more artists.

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