Harry Potter Q-Fig MAX Diorama Harry & Buckbeak 13 cm

Quantum Mechanix’ gigantic Q-Fig Max diorama captures the moment of pure joy Harry Potter experiences as he gives in to the thrill of his first flight on the Hippogriff Buckbeak. With his arms extended and head back, Harry closes his eyes and revels in the magic of the moment. Buckbeak’s wings are fully extended and his tail trails out behind him as he glides majestically over the the surface of Hogwart’s lake. The hippogriff’s paws skim the water’s surface, causing ripples to trail behind, craved into his base.

The Harry and Buckbeak diorama is massive – Buckbeak’s wingspan is 13 inches wide and he is 8 inches from beak to tail. No detail was spared by our QMx creative team, from Harry’s Gryffindor tie billowing in the wind to the delicately sculpted feathers on Buckbeak’s wings.

Contact your local store for availability.

5 Responses to Harry Potter Q-Fig MAX Diorama Harry & Buckbeak 13 cm

  1. Lizzie Nudd says:

    When will this product be out and how can i order one? HARRY POTTER Q-FIG MAX DIORAMA HARRY & BUCKBEAK 13 CM

    • Crowbar (FPI) says:

      Hi Lizzie, it is down to arrive in the 1st Qtr of 2021. I’m afraid that’s all the info we have at the moment. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates!

  2. Simon Daniels says:

    Are they ever going to release the final two Harry Potter q figs?? We have been waiting nearly 2 years for the hippogriff with Harry and Ron and his broken wand….please could we get some updated info


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