Ichibankuji Spy X Family: Extra Mission Coming to Forbidden Planet & Worlds Apart Aug 5th 2023

Its time for a new mission, and this one involves you and the Forgers!
Forbidden Planet international is excited to announce the latest Ichibankuji hitting our stores: Spy X Family: Extra Mission. This Ichibankuji is full of fantastic prizes, from figures to the cutest keychains of your favourite family.

Check out the top prizes for our new Ichibankuji, Spy X Family: Extra Mission. This Kuji offers the full Forger family as dynamic figures that all stand in scale with each other. As head of the family, Loid is our A prize, with little Anya being the B prize and Yor being the C prize.

This cuddly Bond Forger plush is the D prize in our latest Ichibankuji, Spy X Family: Extra Mission. Bond is the cutest companion both on and off screen, with this plush being the perfect cuddle buddy to watch anime with.

Grab a cuppa and settle in for an anime binge session with these cool Spy Family cups. These colourful cups are the E prize from our latest Ichibankuji, Spy X Family: Extra Mission.

Deck yourself out with the cutest drip with these Spy Family keychains, straps, and coasters. These rubber accessories are the F prize of our latest and greatest Ichibankuji, Spy X Family: Extra Mission.

Did you know that in Japan a lot of bathrooms don’t offer a way to dry your hands? Instead, many Japanese people carry a small handtowel in their bag to hygienically dry their hands. This is why Japan has some of the cutest options when it comes to towels and hygiene. Luckily our G prize has the cutest range of Spy X Family handtowels and flannels!

These cute acrylic standee’s of the Forger family are perfectly for any collector (even the ones with no room left) and are our H Prizes!

Have you ever heard of the ‘Last One’ prize? The ‘Last One’ is the prize that can only be won by purchasing the last ticket in the box. This final prize can be anything from a special varient of the A prize, to a brand new item. Our lastest Spy X Family Kuji has this
adorable 40cm Bond and Anya plush as its ‘Last one’ prize. Would you want to win the last one?

Available Saturday 5th August 2023
Age restriction to play – 16+, ID required
Contact your nearest store for details

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