IN NEXT WEEK! JLA/Avengers (The Hero Initiative Variant) TP

The intercompany crossover that brought two super-teams together and rocked the comics world is back! Own the entire 4-issue co-publishing event between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, written by Kurt Busiek (Trinity, Marvels) with stunning art by George Pérez (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Avengers). This collection also features 64 pages of companion content, and introductions by original Avengers writer/editor Stan Lee and Justice League of America editor Julius Schwartz. Bonus: With a new afterword by Kurt Busiek. Hero Initiative is the only charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need!

Due to the limited print run and overwhelming demand this item is going to sell out fast! Don’t miss out!

Due Wed 23rd March 2022
Home delivery and click and collect services now available!
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  1. Adnan Chaudry says:


    do you have this in stock, and how much is it for?



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