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Forbidden Planet are very excited to be helping auction off a number of bespoke, custom art figures made for the recent Toy Art fair in Leeds. All custom figures in the Toy Art charity auction are based on a standard 4″ Mini Munny blank art toy figure from Kidrobot – each is a handmade, one-off unique item, and will never be available again!


We have asked some toy artists and some street artists to create some exclusive pieces for Toy Art using the Kidrobot MUNNY platform. The street artists have never worked with this medium before and all of the artists have been given a free rein to create whatever they want to. All of the pieces created are on display at Toy Art and they will be auctioned afterwards by the team at Forbidden Planet International with all the proceeds going to our nominated charity Inkwell Arts, they are a Leeds Mind Project, a national registered Charity supporting people experiencing mental health difficulties.


Artists who participated:

The Toy Bunker:
David Bishop:
Laura Penn:
Pocketwatch Toys:

Check out the ebay listings by clicking on this link.

All auctions start at 99p, free postage to the UK (overseas will be charged shipping), no reserve and 100% of the money raised will go to the magnificent charity ‘Mind

Due to technical issues with the paint finish on some of the custom pieces they have been withdrawn from sale – we will update you all about this as soon as we can. If you have any questions about these pieces then please contact


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