Why not join our very own Collectors Club dedicated solely to fans of our amazing Loungefly Products available now!

For a small sign-up fee of £10, our Loungefly Collectors Club offers amazing first access, exclusive offers and discounts from the moment you sign up.

So, what do you get for joining our collectors club? Check out the benefits below:

Exclusive access to our online Members Only Store
Minimum of 15% off Every Loungefly Purchase
Free UK Shipping if ordering from home
Reserve upcoming sale items ahead of non-club members
Sale items often at 50% off, often more
Regular exclusive Newsletter updates

Join our exclusive Facebook Group

You can also use your membership in ALL Forbidden Planet International and Worlds Apart Stores across the UK & Ireland

As an added treat, Members will be gifted with a fantastic Membership Card embossed with your name!

So what are you waiting for? Speak to a staff member in store about signing up and start saving money on all your favourite Loungefly products today!

Contact your nearest store for details


  1. Hi, I live in Bristol and would love to join the loungefly club. Can’t wait for the new releases in December and would love to be able to pre-order. How can I go about this as it’s extremely rare I get to Cardiff 😞
    Many thanks!

    1. I just joined and explain that I live in Wiltshire and would love to join the club and they was Evera so helpful

        1. I would like to join the loungefly membership but I don’t have a store close enough. I am in Kent. Please can you advise if I can still join?

          1. Hi Ava, Here’s a list of all our stores You can join at any store via DM or over the phone and take advantage of our mail order service. I would suggest contacting our Hanley store in Stoke-On-Trent as it’s our largest and most knowledgable stockist of Loungefly. Thanks.

  2. Hi,

    I live in Cornwall and would love to join the lounge fly club? Can I still do this, as there is no store near me to collect details from?

    I’m very happy to pay for postage etc?

    Thanks Nikki

  3. Tammy salter says:
    January 16, 2022 at 6:21 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Hi, I signed up in the Nottingham store this weekend. How will they get my address to send me my card as they only took my name, date of birth and email address. I haven’t received anything by email so didn’t know how they would get my address. Many thanks

    1. Hi Tammy, there’s a small backlog processing the cards. As soon as yours is ready the store will contact you via email. – Thanks.

  4. I’ve sent an email and sent multiple Facebook messages in regards to the Gaston loungefly there are no stores near me. Who can I arrange purchasing one?

  5. How long does the membership take? Signed up and paid on 26th but haven’t received any details on the membership area, sales or exclusives yet?

    1. Hi Andreia, membership starts right away! You don’t need your card to ennjoy your benefits. You should get a newsletter very soon with more details.

    1. Hey Lydia, all the information you need is in the post here. It’s £10 to join. You can do it in your local store or over the telephone if you wish. If you’re mainly going to be a mail order customer, I would sign up through our Hanley store and ask for our resident Loungefly expert Nathan!

    1. Hi Victoria. You can join via email, FB messenger or over the phone! But, I would say Nottingham is your closest store. Thanks.

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