Join the Comic Book Collectors Club and Never Miss an Issue! – 5 Reasons Why!

Are you a comic enthusiast always looking to read the latest releases? Look no further! Our Comic Book Collectors Club is your ultimate solution, ensuring you never miss a beat of your favourite comic series.

Picture this: Free Comic Reservation Service – where signing up in-store gets you a free standing order! Let’s delve into the fantastic benefits awaiting members:

1. A Free Standing Order System: Say goodbye to the fear of missing out on your beloved comics! With our free-standing order service, you secure your favourite titles without hassle or worry. No more frantic searches for the latest issue – it’s reserved just for you!

2. Up to 40% off Graphic Novels: Expand your collection without emptying your wallet! Club members enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 40% on a diverse range of graphic novels. Dive into new universes or revisit classics while saving big.

3. 10% Off Comic Protection Essentials: Keep your comics safe and pristine with our Comic Book Collectors Club discount on protection essentials like bags, boards, and boxes. Preserve your collection in top-notch condition effortlessly!

4. 10% Off Back-Issue Comics: Exploring past stories? Club members receive a generous 10% discount on back-issue comics, making it easier and more affordable to complete collections or explore older series.

5. E-mail Newsletter for Comic Enthusiasts: Stay in the know with our comprehensive e-mail newsletter, keeping you updated on all things comics! Dive into insider news, releases, and exclusive offers tailored specifically for our club members.

Join our Comic Book Collectors Club today and take the hassle out of collecting while saving money on your beloved collection! With our standing order service and fantastic discounts, your passion for comics is about to reach new heights. Sign up in-store or visit our website to become a member and elevate your comic book journey!

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  1. Victor Maynarc says:

    Just wondering do you deliver for a standard order customer?

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