Marvel Deadpool Interactive Head

It’s, like, so premium, you guys! Have you ever wanted to own a piece of me, Deadpool? Now you can, you lucky stiff.

This Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head Premium Interactive Head is your ticket to nerd supremacy! Hath a Deadpool’s Head not eyes? It does! And it’s filled with motors and sensors, for all that sweet sweet expressive movement and interactivity!

Just like your head, I assume, It’s important for you to know that Deadpool’s Head talks a lot, unlike what happened in that movie we absolutely can’t reference by name. You know the one. Using my free app (that’s right, no excuses) you can get me to do and say a bunch of [CENSORED], jokes, pranks, and insults! (App in English only) With all these amaaaaazing features, I bet you can’t wait to take me home!

For any orders or price queries, please contact your local store.


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  1. christal jerrica damoyan says:

    Do u have deadpool interactive head in stock?

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