Marvel Mini Egg Attack Figure 8 cm Assortment Deadpool

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Marvel’s Deadpool, Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience Brand proudly presents a selection of Mini Egg Attack figurines, sure to please Deadpool fans the world over!

The cheeky merc with an attitude is ready for a number of fantastic events. Who will be your favorite character?

  • Secret Agent Deadpool – I am Pool, Deadpool, with a license to thrill!
  • Deadpool Leisure Time – The joys of lazing on a beach, I know I have work to do, just ten more minutes!
  • Deadpool Leaping over buildings – I like selfies, wherever they may be!
  • Deadpool’s Chimichangas time – I know I stuff my face with Chimichangas, hey I have a high metabolism!
  • Deadpool imitating someone? – Adamantium looks so much better on me, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Secret Agent Deadpool (Shorts Version) – Whatever you do, don’t get caught with your pants down!

With a total of seven different designs to choose from, whether it’s the classic costume found in the comics, or Deadpool just being his zany self, dressing up as his favorite characters, the collection is built with high quality materials and an attention to detail. A collection worthy of any Deadpool fan, make sure to take them all home and celebrate one of Marvel’s funniest characters and on 30th anniversary.

Due October 2021
Home delivery and click and collect services now available!
Contact your nearest store for details

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