We have a MEGA SALE on right now across our stores!

Up to 75% off across thousands of your favourite pop culture items.

As part of our huge £4 million stock clearance!

Be sure to Follow your local Forbidden Planet or Worlds Apart Store for all the latest details on individually reduced lines.
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Forbidden Planet International Belfast
Forbidden Planet International Cardiff
Forbidden Planet International Dublin
Forbidden Planet International Edinburgh
Forbidden Planet International Glasgow
Forbidden Planet International Hanley
Forbidden Planet International Leeds
Forbidden Planet International Leicester
Forbidden Planet International Manchester
Forbidden Planet International Middlesbrough
Forbidden Planet International Nottingham
Forbidden Planet International Sheffield
Forbidden Planet International Wolverhampton
Worlds Apart Birmingham
Worlds Apart Liverpool

28 thoughts on “MEGA SALE 2020”

    1. Hi Jamie, we don’t have any of those in stock I’m afraid. It’s a 4 year old NYCC exclusive so you an imagine it’s not something that turns up on restocks. I would try the specialist groups on Facebook. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi just checking do you know if you have the funko pop figures from cheers ( just Norm Peterson ) and married with children ( just Al Bundy sports chase and Peggy Bundy non chase ) been looking everywhere but cannot find them found all the others from the set in your Edinburgh and hoped Gkasgow might have the missing ones cheers

  1. Hello is there any statues of Harley Quinn or Ron perlmens hellboy? The Harley Quinn statue could be of the Arkham games version or the orignal tv show. Or Margot robbies version.

  2. Hi, would you be able to tell me when ‘The Legend of Zelda: Letter Opener: Master sword’ is coming back to stock. I really want to get this as a present for Christmas but they said it’s impossible to get. It’d be great if you could help! 😊

  3. Hi, I don’t have a local store to me ( one anyway) how can I tell what you have for sale and if you do home delivery?

  4. Do any stores have any of tbe masters of the universe figures series7 on sale Liverpool store been legends an got meba few but still chasing

    1. Hi Phillip, If you ask the Liverpool store they can check all of our other stores for you If you know what you’re after. 🙂

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