Coming Soon: Pop! PEZ!

Pop! PEZ: Doctor Who

Showcase your love of the iconic Time Lord and candy with this series
of Doctor Who Pop! PEZ. The fourth, tenth, eleventh and thirteenth doctors
are available as Pop! PEZ collectibles and snackables. Explore the universe,
captain the TARDIS, eat delicious candy.

Coming in November!

Pop! PEZ: Golden Girls

The Golden Girls are here and have found
the perfect way to thank you for being a friend. The sassy
and beloved quartet are now available as
Pop! PEZ dispensers. Snarky Dorothy, Southern belle Blanche,
sweet and innocent Rose and the always hilarious
Sophia are taking a brief break from eating cheesecake
and gallivanting around Miami to dispense sweet treats and nostalgia.

Coming Soon!

Pop! PEZ: Star Wars

Take your tastebuds on an epic galactic adventure with this new line
of Star Wars Pop! PEZ. A Tusken Raider and a scavenger Jawa are bringing
galaxies of flavor and personality to the wonderful world of candy.

Coming November – Contct your local store for availibility.

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