Funko Specialty Series: Genie Pop! & Snow White Rock Candy!

Pop! Disney: Aladdin – Genie with Lamp (Glow)

Rock Candy: Snow White

Every store deserves an amazing Funko exclusive!

In an effort to recognize thier most special accounts
and loyal retailers, Funko are continuing their Specialty Series.
Every month, they’ll be announcing new exclusive
items – this month includes a Pop! and Rock Candy!

Why is it so special? You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series
exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic
book shops and from qualified online retailers. This is your chance
to help support local businesses and smaller retailers, and you’ll pick
up an amazing exclusive item in the process!

The latest exclusives are Genie with Lamp Pop!
and Snow White Rock Candy!

Remember, these are exclusive to the
Specialty Series.

Coming soon! – Contact your local store for availability.

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