Funko Coming Soon: Summoners War Pop!

Pop! Games: Summoners War

Summoners War is a strategic mobile RPG where you
groom your monsters as you like. It is a contest of wits
where your strategy in creating your perfect team for
the occasion is key to victories. With countless combinations,
being lucky and diligent certainly matters, but not as much
as your strategy. With close to a thousand variations
of monsters, you may need some luck to get the very
monster you want, but here’s
your chance to pick and choose a Funko Pop! version!

The first line up of Funko figures include, Mav, the sleepy penguin
who knows the true meaning of teamwork. An all time
favorite Camilla, built like a tank
and hits like… well, a tank. She’s so awesome we had to
give her a glow in the dark rune sword. Orion, the adorable trickster so
quick with his “harmless” pranks. He is as harmless as he looks… not!
Jeanne, the Light Paladin who heals, tanks and hammers
all the while boasting great looking braids.

Maybe you love them in the game, maybe you love to
hate the opponents who have them in the game, but you’ll
love to show them off as a Funko Pop!

Contact your local store for more details.

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