Super 7 ThunderCats Ultimate Action Figures

I absolutely LOVE these action figures from Super 7. Faithful renditions to their cartoon counterparts we see here Monkian, Lynx-O, Pumm-Ra and gentle giant Snowman.

The newest addition to the Thundercats collection is the oldest cat of all Lynx-O, the wise old warrior, and the great seer without sight. Featuring a Tile from the Fountain of Healing Water, a light shield,
as well as an alternate head and hands.

The most memorable humanoid monkey member of the Mutants – Monkian features a cannon shield, mace, blaster, as well as an alternate head and hands.

Presenting: Mumm-ra’s short-lived Thunderian alter ego, Pumm-Ra! The clandestine super villain comes with a wrapped Sword of Omens, a communicator, alternate head and hands, and a soft goods robe. Also included is an additional Snarling Mumm-Ra head that is scaled to fit to our previously released Mumm-Ra the Ever Living figure.

It’s the Third Earth dwelling, ice-weapon wielding, behemoth sized Thundercat ally Snowman of Hook Mountain! Snowman includes a collection of ice weaponry, two sets of alternate hands, and a special helmeted head.

Due : End of September 2020


To Pre-Order, simply contact your nearest store!

Home Delivery Available Upon Request

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