The Miraculous Manga is well, MIRACULOUS!

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Volume 1
Author: Zag Entertainment
Reviewed By: Katherine Hemmings

‘Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir’ is LONG anticipated and deserved manga
adaptation of the popular animated series. And with the new film releasing on Netflix earlier
this year, a new season already announced and another Miraculous World movie coming
later this year the Miraculous fandom is only growing and getting hungry for more content
from Zag Studios.

Miraculous, was originally proposed as a 2D anime but was instead given a more youthful
animated adaptation. Rumoured around the fact that drawing Ladybugs iconic spots on her
costume and keeping them consistent was proving way too difficult for animators! But now
we are finally getting a feel for how Miraculous was intended to look and feel originally by
turning it into a manga.

For those unfamiliar, the story revolves around two high school students, Marinette
Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat
Noir with the power of the Miraculous charms to protect Paris from supervillains. The manga
brings their exciting adventures to the printed page, combining action and drama with
elements of romance and mystery.


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This first volume starts us back at the ‘beginning’ of the story, (I say ‘beginning’ as it starts
with the first episode ‘Stormy Weather’ but not the start of their epic journey as Miraculous
holders which us show enthusiasts didn’t get until Season 1, Episode 22 “Ladybug & Cat
Noir (Origins – Part 1)). Volume 1 also revisits episode 2- The Bubbler and episode 7- The
Evillustrator. (These episode numbers are according to Disneyplus’ order as it seems Netfix and the fandom all have different order numbers!).

The manga stays true to the spirit of the show, capturing the essence of the characters and
the thrill of their superhero adventures.

The artwork is by Riku Tsuchida and by as far as I can tell a first time manga for them too!
What a fantastic first project to be trusted with and absolutely blow it out of the water! The
artwork is dynamic and beautiful, effectively conveying the action sequences and character
expressions. The fight scenes are particularly well-executed, capturing the excitement of the
battles between Ladybug, Cat Noir, and the various supervillains.

The first volume does a commendable job of introducing the characters, setting the stage for
their superhero personas and establishing the overarching narrative. While the story might
be familiar to those who have watched the TV show, it’s a great entry point for newcomers as

If you or someone you know likes magical girl stories, is just getting into manga, romance
and friendship stories you should be adding this to your 3-4-2 manga purchase on your next
local Forbidden Planet International trip!

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