Untitled Generic Space Comedy – Review by Matt Wells

Untitled Generic Space Comedy is the latest comic series by British writer Matt Garvey, who has recently been making waves in the indie scene with The Ether and Red Rocket Comet. Garvey’s newest project features artwork by a tremendous newcomer, John McFarlane, with colours provided by Allison Hu.

The comic follows Jim and Scott, two delivery drivers who end up in an intergalactic bar, on the hunt for some interspecies love. Unfortunately for Jim, he has become dissatisfied with his career, and not living that Han Solo smuggling lifestyle has left him wanting more. Despite Scott’s valiant efforts, the miserable Jim ends up alone in the bar, becoming a major catalyst for a series of life-altering events.

It’s an intriguing little setup for a story, which is accompanied by plenty of pop-culture references and humour. Jim and Scott are interesting characters, inspired by popular sci-fi protagonists found in big blockbusters. Jim’s story is all too relatable to the common man, as we all feel for someone who wants a just a little more from life.

Matt Garvey’s first issue into this series establishes itself brilliantly, with solid dialogue throughout. There’s not a single beat missed during the introduction to this universe, and Jim and Scott are presented as believable and flawed characters. In a universe surrounded by all sorts of bizarre aliens, Garvey manages to present perfect representations of two delivery drivers, who are simply looking for some fun in the far reaches of the universe.

The entire background for humankind’s new way of life in space is delicately put together, leaving no room for boring, unnecessary exposition. It’s straight to the point, and there’s no doubt that readers will be left amused by some of the odd choices and pop-culture references made by the hapless Jim. Even though he makes some questionable choices, he certainly has some endearing qualities.

Whilst Matt Garvey is firing on all cylinders here, illustrator John McFarlane cements himself as an artist to look out for in the industry. His work is simply superb, and it fits well within the likes of other prominent comic series, found in major publications. There’s not a panel wasted here, with each one carefully selected to present the drama, comedy and action into all one delightful little mix.

Of course, in all sorts of sci-fi fiction, we’ve seen hundreds upon thousands of alien concepts. Regardless of this, McFarlane presents forth some interesting designs for some of the background characters, whilst putting together a solid style for the slightly intrepid, heavily inebriated individuals.

A review of this title cannot continue without mentioning the terrific colour palette used by colourist Allison Hu. Colourists don’t get enough recognition sometimes, but here we are to state that Hu is completely nailing it here, as she brilliantly complements John McFarlane’s artwork. As a colourist, Allison Hu is a talent also worth keeping an eye out for.

Untitled Generic Space Comedy is yet another solid reason to check out the indie scene. With titles such as this, it’s no wonder that the scene is thriving. It’s the most fun you’ll have this month reading an independent title, and it possibly stands as being Garvey’s strongest work to date.

The ending of the first issue will leave readers clamouring for more. It’s an intriguing setup, which will take Jim and Scott on an adventure like none other. Will they survive the repercussions of Jim’s actions? Who knows? You’ll just have to buy the second issue when it’s released. We’ll be waiting in anticipation, that’s for sure.

Untitled Generic Space Comedy is available at your local Forbidden Planet International store, and it can be spotted thanks to a superb cover by Image Comics’ Rob Guillory. Check it out today and don’t hesitate to ask your local store about any of Matt Garvey’s work.

Review by Matt Wells

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