Funko Coming Soon: Wayne’s World Pop! Party Time! Excellent!

Pop! Movies: Wayne’s World

It’s Wayne (and Garth’s) world and we’re all just living in it.
Pay a visit to the early ‘90s
with these Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar Pop! figures.
You’ll laugh together. You’ll cry together. You may even hurl together.

Coming November – Contact your local store for availability.

2 thoughts on “Funko Coming Soon: Wayne’s World Pop! Party Time! Excellent!”

  1. Hi I was wondering if u can help me I’m looking for the Wayne’s World Ice hockey pop would yous have any r no wer till get 1…thanks

    1. Hi Mark, nothing in our stores and very unlikely to ever be offered to us again I’m afraid! It’s an old one now as I’m sure you know!

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