Wolverhampton Store Reopening 22nd July

Good news True Believers, we are finally set to open our Wolverhampton store’s doors NEXT WEDNESDAY, July 22nd, 2020!

Safeguards will be in place upon our return to ensure both customers and staff alike will be fully protected, as your health and safety is our top priority during this next phase of relaxing restrictions.

While open, we’ll still be maintaining our full Home Delivery Service across all products available both in-store and listed on our social media pages.

We’ll be responding to messages in due course, so thank you for your patience!

We can’t wait to see you all there 🥰

One Response to Wolverhampton Store Reopening 22nd July

  1. Stephen Roddam says:


    In your weekly email you also mention Leicester and Sheffield but not Middlesbrough. Is there any progress on the reopening of the Middlesbrough shop, please?

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