Worlds Apart Birmingham 17/03/20 – Stock Arriving / Ready To Ship!

All the items below are in our Birmingham store and can be shipped to your door via our mail order service!
(whilst stock lasts)

It’s here! The ECCC Exclusive Doctor Doom Pop is now available in store and for home delivery! PM us for more information!

💥 Suck, suck, suck! 💥 These AWESOME MHA statues are available NOW! The first lot of Himiko Toga sold out within a day, so be speedy whilst we have her again now! You can order any of these three for home delivery to guarantee you don’t miss out! ✨

A Galaxy of new Star Wars comics this week! The brand new Bounty Hunter series, as well as Issue 2 (And a reprint of the SOLD OUT issue 1) of Darth Vader… and let’s not forget the hotly sought after conclusion to The Rise of Kylo Ren!

🐉 NEW Dungeons and Dragons merch hitting shelves NOW! 🐉 Game content books? ✅ Children’s books? ✅ Cuddly dragon dive holder? ✅ Spellbook cards? ✅ @beholders_gaze beholders_gaze dice as always?~ ✅ Come in and get stocked for your next adventure!

Wish granting dragon spotted in Worlds Apart Birmingham! Hurry down! (Or we can ship Shenron straight to your door with Mail Order)

🚨 Fan favourite book is back in stock: How to Draw Comics – The Marvel Way! 🚨 This how to guide has tips and tricks for novice drawers and hardened art vets alike, and is written by the legends Stan Lee and John Buscema! On shelves now, or DM for home delivery!

Contact your local store for availability.

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